About Me

Let me tell you a few things...

Pascal Mariany


I am Pascal, a driven, creative and inventive person with a lot of energy and ambition to keep developing myself. A healthy dose of diligence and enthusiasm enable me to achieve my goals and the goals of the organization in a disciplined and organized manner. I am dedicated and flexible, I have leadership and inspiring capacities and I can work independently as well as in a team. And last but not least: I am an honest and social person and easy going!


Full Stack Developer

Since my 20th birthday in 2003 I started my own company MARIANYDESIGN. I am still developing websites and apps for a varied audience of customers. MARIANYHOSTING was founded by me in 2008 to provide hosting to customers. I really enjoy doing this.

Hogeschool Utrecht

Teacher / Developer and learning team supervisor Ad Digitale Techniek and Media and Software Development at Hogeschool Utrecht

As a teacher I find my challenge in guiding and coaching students to go into the wide world with a well-filled backpack with experience and to be successful in their career and to be happy in their lives. Hogeschool Utrecht facilitates this and work is done according to the 4C / ID model.


Sports, Gaming, Music and Our Universe

In my free time I do a lot of running, cycling and strength training. I also like to play games on the computer. Looking at the stars and planets has been fantastic to fantasize about since childhood. These days I have a telescope and I watch regularly. Also check out some tracks I created with my synthesizer and launchpad within Ableton: MARIANYMUSIC on SoundCloud.